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What is the Point of Having Premolars?

Posted on 8/20/2017 by ARCHPOINT
PremolarARCHPOINT TX 75231
We all get a lot of teeth, from the front incisors to our wisdom teeth all the way in the back. Each set of teeth has a specific function. The front teeth are meant for biting into foods, and the molars in the back are meant to chew up the foods we eat.

What most people do not quite understand is the point of the premolar teeth. They are in the middle of a lot of important teeth, and seem to do little more than take up space.

What You Should Know About Your Premolars

Your bicuspids, or your premolars, have a specific function, just like the rest of your mouth. They sit directly behind your canines, and directly in front of your molars.

They have a shape that is somewhere between the canine and the molar, allowing them to perform a bit of both functions. These teeth are meant to help you cut into harder foods, like biting into rough produce or a tough piece of meat.

Premolars also have the job of moving food from the front where you bite it, to the back of your mouth where you chew it. They are strong teeth, and meant to be able to help transition your food towards the back of your mouth and assist in chewing up tougher foods.

The thing that makes them stand out the most to a lot of patients is the fact that only adults get premolars. If you happen to have a child, look at their teeth. They have the front teeth for biting, and the molars for chewing, but no premolars in between.

If you want to find out more about your premolars, then ask us the next time you come in for a visit. We can examine your premolars, and make sure they are in good working order.

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