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Symptoms You Hurt Your Teeth in Your Sleep

Posted on 7/10/2018 by ARCHPOINT
Symptoms You Hurt Your Teeth in Your SleepThere are many things that happen when you are asleep that you are not aware of. Snoring and talking in your sleep may keep others awake, but it does not affect your ability to get a good night's rest.

One problem that people have when they sleep is called bruxism. That is the term used for the grinding of the teeth.

Unlike some of the other things that people do when they sleep, bruxism can damage the teeth, gums and jaws. Knowing the symptoms of bruxism can help people realize the problem so they can do something about it.

Clues of Teeth Grinding

The clues that surround tooth grinding can also mean other things. It may take a person noticing a few of the symptoms for them to decide that they suffer from this problem. These are the things to look for.

•  Fractured or chipped teeth
•  Teeth that appear flattened
•  Loss of enamel on teeth
•  Tired jaw muscles or a jaw that locks up
•  Pain in the jaw, neck or face
•  Sore spots on the inside of the cheek from chewing
•  Tooth pain and sensitivity

The problem with these symptoms is they are also signs of other things. There are a few other symptoms that could help decide if you suffer from bruxism.

•  Broken sleep or an inability to fall into a deep sleep
•  Keeping a partner awake from the noise made when grinding the teeth

Anyone that suffers from bruxism should know that there are ways to prevent the damage and the symptoms. The key is to find out that it is a problem. Learning the symptoms and watching for them is the first step.

A visit to the dentist is the next. Our dental professionals can help determine if the grinding of the teeth is a problem and can help find a solution for the problem.

Take a moment and contact our offices if you have worries about bruxism, or any other problems with your oral health. Our professionals can give you the help you need.
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