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Over the Counter Pain Relievers Are a Great Way to Manage Oral Surgery Pain During Recovery

Posted on 11/30/2018 by ARCHPOINT
Over the Counter Pain Relievers Are a Great Way to Manage Oral Surgery Pain During RecoveryOne of the things that people worry about after oral surgery is the pain. They may have dealt with a lot of pain leading up to the surgery and they do not want that to continue after the surgery. Unfortunately, pain is often inevitable after oral surgery.

Many people worry that they will have to turn to powerful prescription pain medication. The truth is that it is possible to manage the pain with the help of over the counter pain medications. The key is knowing how to do it.

The Best Pain Relievers

The first question that people have is what pain reliever to take. There are different options and different reasons for using them. Deciding which option depends on how much pain a person is in.

The first option is over the counter medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These can provide relief for 4 to 12 hours. If they do not provide the relief, there are extra strength over the counter pain relievers including acetaminophen.

The good thing about these over the counter pain relievers is that they not only help manage the pain, but they are also anti-inflammatory to help reduce any swelling. Like any medication, it is important to follow the recommended dosages.

Adding Other Help

While over the counter medications can help with the pain, there are other ways to support the work they do. These are some of the things that can help manage pain after oral surgery.

•  Ice - Ice can help reduce swelling and can help reduce the pain from swelling.
•  Rest - One of the most basic ways to help manage pain is to get more rest and allow the body to heal.
•  Salt water rinse - Rinsing with warm salt water can help with swelling and discomfort.

It is possible to manage pain with over the counter pain medications, but it is important to realize when that is not working. Pain is a sign that something is wrong and moderate to severe pain is a sign that you may need more help.

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