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Why the All-On-4® Treatment Concept is Better than Dentures

All-On-4® Treatment Concept at ARCHPOINTThere are some different reasons why you might want to talk to us about the All-On-4® treatment instead of getting traditional dentures if you need to replace most or all of your teeth. The All-On-4® concept is one of the newer techniques, and it builds upon the tooth implant form of treatment. With implants, small titanium rods are installed in the jawbone; then crowns are placed over them. These false teeth are permanent and look just like your natural teeth. Caring for them is easy, but there is a drawback: you have to have a number of these rods installed. With All-On-4®, that is not the case. You only need four implants on the top and bottom of your mouth.

However, even with All-On-4®, you still have to go through dental surgery and will have a short recovery time. Is that better than simply having dentures made that you pop in your mouth every day? While those who fear surgery and pain might say yes, many other people would say that the All-On-4® treatment is the better way to go. You might agree after hearing the following reasons why All-On-4® is superior to dentures.

They’re More Stable

All-On-4® dentures are much more stable than traditional dentures. These older dentures sit on top of your gums. Instead of being anchored to anything, they are held in place with temporary glue. With the All-On-4® concept, they are mounted on small titanium posts that are embedded in your jawbone. While this does mean you have to go through dental surgery and will need to go through a short recovery process, it also means you never have to worry about your dentures coming out. All-On-4® teeth are permanent.

Eating Is Made Easier

While it’s still possible to damage All-On-4® implants, it’s much harder than it is to cause issues with dentures. For example, with traditional dentures, eating anything sticky has the potential to pull the dentures out of your mouth. Eating things that break apart into small crumbs can lead to some of those crumbs getting up under your dentures. That can be very painful. All-On-4® implants have neither of those issues. The support rods are very strong. They also can help stop your jawbone from atrophying, which makes your mouth stronger. You can eat what you want, and there’s no fear of your teeth coming out. Nothing can get underneath the crowns, either, so that’s not a concern.

You will Feel More Confident

If you are embarrassed about wearing dentures and are afraid people will notice them, All-On-4® implants will give you renewed confidence. These implants look exactly like natural teeth. There’s nothing that indicates they are not, so no one will know unless you tell them. Since they are very durable, too, people who choose implants over dentures often aren’t as hesitant to eat certain foods or to smile. They feel much less self-conscious, and many credit All-On-4® with letting them smile again.

Want to know more about All-On-4®? If you are curious about the procedure or want to know if this is an option for you, give us a call today at (844) 281-6446 to schedule a consultation.
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