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Bone Grafts

Bone Grafting at ARCHPOINT Implant DentistryTooth loss causes many issues. Most of these issues are immediately noticeable. Tooth loss impacts your smile and makes it more difficult to eat and speak. Tooth loss causes issues for your jawbone as well. After tooth loss, the bone begins to weaken, which causes it to change shape. Dental implants are a popular treatment for replacing missing teeth. To be placed successfully, however, you need to have sufficient bone mass remaining in your jaw. If your jaw is too weak, ARCHPOINT can increase the success of dental implants with a bone graft.

Your Jawbone and Dental Implants

Your teeth have many important responsibilities. They help you bite, chew and smile confidently. There is another role that your teeth play in your mouth as well. They are crucial for the health of your jawbone. When you chew, the teeth stimulate the bone. This tells your body to send nutrients to the jaw and surrounding areas. Following tooth loss, your jawbone loses the stimulation from the missing teeth. This reduces the number of nutrients your jaw receives, causing it to weaken over time. Eventually, the bone can begin to change shape, which alters your bite and affects your facial appearance.

Dental implants are a popular treatment for tooth loss. This treatment uses small titanium posts that support your replacement teeth. The posts are surgically implanted into the bone, which begins to fuse to the posts and stabilize them in place. For implants to be successful, however, you need to have enough bone mass left in the jaw. If your bone is too weak, it may not be able to fuse properly, or at all. This can lead to loose implants or total implant failure.

What is a Bone Graft?

Before you receive dental implants, a consultation is required. During this consultation, we examine your mouth and go over your medical history to determine if implants are the right solution for you. X-rays are also taken. These images allow us to see the condition of your jawbone. If your jawbone is missing too much bone mass, you may be recommended for a bone graft before receiving your dental implants.

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting bone material from either another area of your body or from a donor to your jawbone. As you heal from the procedure, your existing bone mass fuses to the grafting material, restoring strength to your jaw. Once you have healed from the procedure, the dental implant procedure can begin.

Types of Bone Grafts for Dental Implants

There are a few different types of bone grafts that may be performed. These include:
•  Autografts. An autograft is a bone graft that uses bone tissue harvested from another region of your own body, typically the tibia or the hip. This requires an additional surgical site to harvest the bone material. Even so, there is no risk of rejection or disease transmission because we are using your tissue.
•  Allografts. An allograft is a bone graft that uses human tissue harvested from another individual. This type of graft helps to avoid the need for an additional surgical site. The tissue is screened before use to reduce the risk for complications after the bone graft is performed.
•  Xenografts. A xenograft is a type of graft that uses tissue harvested from a non-human source. Typically, the bone is harvested from a cow. Again, you do not need an additional surgical site. The bone is processed at high temperatures to ensure its safety. This type of graft may also be recommended if a larger amount of bone mass is required.

A bone graft can help to restore the strength of your jawbone, which then helps to increase the success of dental implants. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, contact ARCHPOINT today at (844) 281-6446.
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