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Patient Testimonials

“I couldn’t be happier. It is hard for me to even imagine how I looked before because this is what I have always wanted.”

Sharon suffered an accident at a young age. She struggled with her teeth for years. Dental implant treatment changed her life.

“Once you meet with the team, your mind is made up.”

For Darla, consulting face-to-face with ARCHPOINT’s Dr. Tom Draper changed everything. She now has the confidence to go on job interviews that she’d never go on before. “It gave me a huge boost in confidence,” she says. “And the quality is unbelievable. They are stronger than regular teeth.”

“I smile more now which I would never do before. I go out to dinner and I can enjoy my family and they can enjoy me.”

Jeremy lived with painful periodontal disease. He felt self-conscious even around his family. Dental Implants helped Jeremy regain his smile.

“First appearances make the whole thing. Now I’m smiling 24/7, oh yeah!”

After several reoccurring issues with her false teeth, Kathy knew something different had to be done. She now has a bright new smile that has people complimenting her every day. “I’m confident now,” she says. “I can go out in public, put my hair up in a bun and feel pretty no matter what!”

“Now thanks to ARCHPOINT, I am very pleased with my new smile. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.”

Dee started having problems with her teeth in college. She went through extractions and braces to address her dental problems, but eventually began losing her teeth. Dee lived for years with a removable partial denture.

“It’s transformed the way I talk and eat — so much better than with any prosthesis.”

Eduardo had dealt with failing teeth his entire life, but finding Dr. Draper changed everything.
“He’s one of the best doctors I’ve ever had,” he says. “I wanted to be as normal as possible, and with these teeth I feel so much better.”

"Everyone thinks that these are my real teeth. No one can tell that I had anything done to my mouth. It’s changed my entire appearance."

Kay was a teeth grinder–so bad she was considered an extreme case. Dental Implants have made her look and feel younger.

“It’s inspired others to get dental implants.”

Dental Implants helped Verdie get back her family’s trademark smile. “It’s very pleasing when people you don’t know say you have a beautiful smile,” she says. People like the man at her neighborhood corner store, who says he now wants the procedure for himself.

“At ARCHPOINT,…they focused on me, as a person, not just as a patient or another mouth. I tell my friends who need help about ARCHPOINT. I love y’all.”

Mary was in a car accident when she was 25 and broke her front teeth; starting her dental issues. She had crowns replaced a couple of times but her teeth never looked the same and progressively got worse. After her free consultation, she knew it was the right time and ARCHPOINT was the right place.

“I broke my 2 top front teeth when I was 12 years old. I have been in and out of many dentist chairs in the past 30 years with mixed results. Early last year, one of my crowns started to fail. I was told that the 2 front teeth are very difficult to implant and I struggled looking for an implant dentist with whom I felt comfortable. I shopped around for several months and by chance saw Dr. Oppedisano on the local news. I was touched by the story and decided he was going to be my guy. From beginning to end, the doctors and staff at ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry were over the top. Everyone was very knowledgeable, very friendly, and the process was seamless. Dr. Draper, my oral surgeon was great. The implant procedure was over before I knew it, and the healing process was easy. The care Dr. Draper took with my implant really paid off in the end. The O.R. staff were incredible. Dr. Oppedisano’s restoration work is art. I still don’t know how he managed to make my front teeth look this good. My teeth now look better than ever and certainly better than the originals. Thank you ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry for a job well done. I am very happy and I do highly recommend. Stop wasting your time shopping around. This place is it.”

"I have had serious dental problems all my life. You name it, short of implants, and I have had it done. I have also had bridges fail, teeth wear down excessively and break off. I even grew my mustache out to help disguise my sad smile. Tired of not being able to eat properly, to say nothing of guarding and/or not smiling at all, I turned to ARCHPOINT. Thank you to everyone at ARCHPOINT for helping me through this process with such warmth, genuine caring, understanding and patience. You have allowed me to smile like never before.”

“I feel a lot better. I feel a lot healthier. I really enjoy my smile now! I enjoy getting up in the morning and actually brushing my teeth. The doctors and the staff at ARCHPOINT were absolutely amazing. I was never nervous at any point in time. I actually felt good again about going to a dentist or an oral surgeon. ”

“Over the years, I had several procedures done by many different dentists, including braces on three separate occasions. My mouth resembled a patchwork quilt. Dr. Oppedisano spent time talking to me as he assessed the overall condition of my teeth to determine what would be best for me. I am delighted with the total transformation that created my radiant new smile and beautiful teeth. The ARCHPOINT team worked together to address every aspect of my dental health. I highly recommend ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry and, of course, Dr. Michael Oppedisano, to anyone looking to improve their smile. I cannot find words to express how proud I am of my new smile.”

"I was at a point where I was dentally exhausted…problem after problem, dentist after dentist…and never smiling. I visited with other dental implant companies, but ARCHPOINT was the one who pierced my heart like a lightning bolt from the moment I made my initial call, to meeting with the staff for the very first time. The staff answered all my questions and concerns. They treated me like a lost treasure that was just found. The compassion and the positive atmosphere resonated throughout the whole staff. I knew I was at the right place from the moment I walked through the doors of ARCHPOINT. You owe it to yourself to take that first step and visit with ARCHPOINT and take the unknowns out of the equation. It will seem like a giant leap but the outcome will overpower you and propel you to a beautiful smile. It did for me…I’m smiling more and more each and every day. Thank you to everyone at ARCHPOINT. You have given me not only a wonderful smile, but also a renewed confidence."

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